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There’s no doubt that as a web developer, your work is cut out for you.  With the undeniable influence that the internet has on our everyday lives, it’s important for all businesses and organizations to ensure that they have a strong online presence.  It’s because of this that developers and web designers are expected to provide impressive results in a very short period of time.  The good news is that are a several tools which will help to make your lives a whole lot easier, here they are:

HTML5 Maker

Advertising, imagery and getting the public’s attention will never lose importance, which is where animation comes in.  One of the best online services, HTML5 Maker helps in creating animated multimedia content like sliders and banners.  Including features such as the Online Animation Editor and the Online Image Editor, you’ll be able to get creative in no time.  Once you’ve produced your animations, they will be compatible with both Google Double-Click as well as Google AdWords.  Your work can either be embedded from the cloud into your website, or shared with your customers as a Template. 


If you’re looking for the perfect way to receive feedback from users on your live site, then BugMuncher is exactly what you need.  Users will have the option of taking a screenshot of the specific problem which they have encountered on your website, sending it directly to your mailbox or any other third party.  Custom information about the user can also be added, which can be used to recreate the conditions under which the feedback was sent.  This will allow you to fix the issue quicker, with BugMuncher capturing all of the important data which many users aren’t aware of.  Data which will be automatically captured include the name of version of the browser, any browser plugins they may have, their operating system, and the path which they have taken through your website.  Not only can it be integrated with other tools such as Trello, Zendesck, and ActiveCollab, but it is also user friendly and quick to install. 



When it comes to designing your website without having to write any code, WebFlow is the best application out there.  Using this tool, you will be able to drag and drop the elements which you need in a visual design tool, which will then generate all of code necessary.  If you’re worried whether all HTML5 and CSS3 that comes out is completely W3S complaint, then there’s no need to worry.  On top of this, it’s also cross-browser compatible. 


All of your custom, content-driven layout needs will be seen to with the responsive layout maker.  Featuring a special layout maker, you will be able to create your deign easily and produce great results.  With the possibility of analysing more than 70 factors which influence your website’s search rank and website’s usability, you will receive a form builder which will assist you when it comes to designing all of the forms which are required for your business.  Get started right now and you’ll realize that creating your very own website has never been this easy.    

GoJS JavaScript Library for HTML5 Canvas

Being a feature rich JavaScript library, GoJS will help by allowing you to implement interactive diagrams across all modern browsers and platforms.  Packed with an impressive range of advanced tools which will increase user activity, you’ll be able to pan, scroll, select, delete, undo operations, copy and paste elements, drag and copy, and play around with its extensible tool system for custom operations.  Users will enjoy interactivity thanks to the fact that they won’t be required to install any plugins.  Supporting graphical templates as well as data-binding of object properties to model data, GoJS makes it possible to read and models in JSON format.       


As an integrated and intuitive test management solution, XStudio benefits you by handling the versions, test, test reports, customer business requirements, and defects of all of your projects.  Carrying through and logging all of your manual tests, you will also be able to design.  Using Oracle, MySQL, or even SQL Server for data storing, it can be used from either Windows, Mac, or Linux.  Incorporating a bug tracking database, developers will be able to handle defects and link to requirements, tests, specifications, and products.  Versioned data allows you to get the necessary metrics and indicators quickly, with XStudio being the only test management tool which has the option of being interfaced with proprietary tests.  This is thanks to its flexible and easy to use Java SDK.    




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