The Best Web Development Languages

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There’s one thing to keep in mind when choosing what web development language best suits your website: there is no single best language.  This is where a web developer comes in, making the choice of which option will fit your project perfectly, based on what specific functionality and features it is that you want.  Although there may be a couple of basic coding languages which are regularly used, her are a few of the most popular web development languages which are being used today:


A high-level general purpose language, Python puts emphasis on code readability.  This is good news for web developers, who will be able to do more with fewer lines of code in comparison to other popular languages.  This is all made possible by the large standard library used, which contains pre-coded functions which have been provided by the community.  You are then given the option to download this to your server and make use of in your code whenever a certain task appears.  This was designed for web servers that deal with large amounts of traffic, such as Yahoo Maps and Shopzilla. 

  • PHP

A general-purpose server-side scripting language, there are many advantages that come along with using PHP.  Not only is it an open source, but it also has a huge online community supporting it as well as the fact that it’s compatible across multiple platforms.  Most often made use of for websites with lower traffic demands; it’s no surprise that PHP made it onto our list. 

  • JAVA

The server-side language when it comes to large-scale websites with a high volume of traffic, Java-based web frameworks include Amazon and Apple App Store.  Why Java has become so popular could have something to do with the fact that’s it outperforms other languages when it comes to raw speed benchmark tests.  This will result in even faster server-based web applications for those large scale websites.  Examples of server-side solutions which use Java include JSP, Java Servlets, and WebObjects. 

  • RUBY

Similar to Python, it’s designed to increase the productivity of programming by emphasizing simple and short code to make it concise, consistent, and flexible.  You are given multiple ways to do the same thing, with some even being faster than others.  Being frequently used by web servers that deal with large amounts of traffic, Twitter and Hulu make use of this language.


Bringing games, apps, animation, interactivity and many other dynamic effects to life, JavaScript is one of the most ubiquitous of the client-side scripts out there.  Able to work with or without an internet connection, there are some JavaScript applications which can continue to run without even connecting back to a web server. 

Keep in mind that we’ve only mentioned a few of the many, many web development languages which are used in the industry today.  Once you’ve set yourself a clear goal and purpose for your website as well as the features and functionalities which you want, a web developer will easily be able to decide the best language for you.  during this process you’ll want to consider factors such as the database you’re using, server software, the server platform, your budget, and the client-side functionality.  You can contact us to find out more about which language will suit your website best.  


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