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Ripple News • 19th Aug, 15


One of the most popular and used programming languages, Python allows you to work quicker and integrate your systems more effectively.  Once started, you’ll see almost immediate gains when it comes to productivity and even lower maintenance costs too.  If you’re wondering why web frameworks have become so popular within the development communities no matter what language it is, the answer is simple – it’s much easier to work on something when the basic stuff has already been covered for you. 


A Pythonic, object-oriented web framework, CherryPy makes it possible for developers to build web application in basically the same way that they would build another object-oriented Python.  One of the advantages of this is that it results in smaller source code being developed in less time.  Created quite a while back, it has proven to be both sable as well as very fast.  No matter whether the site be demanding or simple, it is used in production by many all over the world. 


A simple, fast, lightweight WSGI micro web-framework for Python, Bottle is distributed as a single file module.  Having no dependencies other than the standard library which comes along with Python, it provides support for apps including Python Paste, Google App Engine.  Bottle also comprises of several templates such as Cheetah and Mako. 


Considered by some web developers to be more Pythonic than Django, this web application code is more explicit in most cases.  This is a good choice for beginners, with there being little boilerplate code for getting a simple app up and running.  Written several years after Django was, it evolved and learnt from the Python community and various other web frameworks.  Being a micro framework, web developers are not forced to make use of a particular tool or library.    



Relying on no third party libraries, ObjectWeb is not only minimalist and pure-Python, but it’s a fast web framework too.  Designed around using Python, it was originally intended to be used as an Object Oriented Programming language.  Supporting WSGI and CGI, this web framework has a built-in development server.        


As an open source Python web framework, Pyramid’s primary job is to make a developer’s task of creating an arbitrary web application easier.  Whether it be a spreadsheet, a social networking platform, or a corporate intranet, this web framework is general and can be used in a wide variety of circumstances.    


As simple as it is powerful, this web framework is in the public domain.  As a web developer, you will be able to use web.py for whatever purpose, having absolutely no restrictions. 

We’d like to know about what your favourite Python frameworks are and why you prefer using them, so leave us a comment below!  


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