Questions to Ask When Getting a Website Designed and Developed

Clients • 22nd Jul, 15


The majority of people who are looking to create a website for themselves feel like they’ve gotten extra lucky when they find a team of web developers and designers who are willing to complete the task for them at a third of what other companies are charging.  Always remember that you get what you paid for, which is why you should never settle for second best only because it will cut the costs and be completed ever quicker.  To ensure that you’re getting value for your money, there are a few questions which you should ask:

  • Is the text size which is displaying your content large enough for those who have poor vision or bad sight?
  • Have all of the pages on your website been optimized correctly?
  • Have you ensured and protected your email dress and contact pages to project from all of those spammers out there?
  • Is there space for at least 250 words per page? (this will help when it comes to SEO) 

We all know that the look and feel can either make or break a website.  I won’t even attempt to count the amount of times I was searching for something and exited the site immediately because the appearance wasn’t appealing and didn’t fit what I was looking for after just one look.  Above all else, a website’s design and colours should complement each other while also working with the structure of the content which is found on the website.  Here’s what you should be asking when it comes to design:

  • Does the design of the website flow as well as working with the content which can be found on the website?
  • Do the colours which have been used complement each other?
  • Are the images which have been used on the website optimized?
  • Is it both responsive and adaptive so that it will display perfectly on both smartphones and tablets?

Once you’ve checked all of these questions off, you can be sure that you’ll get the results you’re looking for with your brand new and freshly designed and developed website.  At Symfony Digital Solutions it’s become a habit for us to look into each of these, with the web development and design team being great at what they do.  


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