How to Choose the BEST Content Writing Services

Clients • 31st Mar, 16


There’s no getting around it: your business’s online presence needs to be tight. And don’t count on all your viewers being the sort that skim everything – you can surround it with all the glitzy aesthetics and Flash effects you want, but if your site’s content is sloppily written, then once you’ve started pulling the viewers in, someone, at some point, is gonna notice – and regardless of everything you do right, it’s gonna come back and haunt your brand at some point or other. Once a misspelled article title starts circulating Facebook, it’s there forever.

And finding an effective content writing solution for your site – the sort that strikes an idea balance between cost,     quality, and all those extra bits and bobs every site needs – well, it’s tricky.

And we certainly can’t tell you exactly what to do. That’s not how it works. Your business is unique, and so is the content you’ll need written for it.

Still, there’s a few pointers we can give you. They’ve worked for us. And, well, we’re climbing as a business, if we do say so ourselves.

What are the advantages of professional writing services?

You might be inclined to ask just why you should pay people to write for you. “NE1 can rite!” you might say. “U make wordz wif key-bored!”

Right, right. You might not need that much help; but still, there’s nuances to textually representing your business online – nuances that, simply put, are a complete time sink should you try to take care of them entirely on your own.

Your business deserves an online representation that reflects its professionalism in all aspects; and you deserve to know that it’s retaining that essential element of its online presence without you having to sink valuable business hours into it.

That’s where professional writing services come in. All those nuances, all those details, all those little tweaks that a business owner shouldn’t have to tie themselves up with. Carefully structured copy – copy that directly conveys your nature and identity as a brand, that forgoes the time-wasting nature of generic, wide-sweeping, unfocused content and taps into the tone that speaks directly to your brand’s specific target market, that utilises those pervasive, barely-perceptible search engine optimisation tactics to ensure maximum visibility, that speaks to the needs of your brand and your clients alike, and all delivered in a timely and efficient fashion – can be the selling point for any potential client who endeavours to investigate your brand beyond the name and the tagline.

So, long and the short of it: investing money in having your brand’s online copy taken care of by the experts is both a far more profitable and far more convenient investment than sinking time into it yourself.

How to choose an appropriate writing company?

There’s a whole hoard of folks out there claiming that they’ll be able to give your brand the online wordification it deserves. And while most of them – like any good providers of the more artsy sort of services – would claim to transcend labels, we can, generally speaking, stuff most of them into one of two categories: the freelancers, and the SEO companies.

And which sort should you choose? Well, they’ve both got their highs and lows.

Freelancers:  Yeah, independent writers are cheaper – you know, grateful for the attention and all. But on the other hand, there’s a pretty good chance that they’re going to be less adept at tapping into your brand’s particular market – being more small-scale, indie writers and writing groups tend to have less collective experience in variety of markets and brands.

That said, if you do happen to find a freelance writer or writing group that specialises in whatever you’re pitching, well, you might well have found yourself a pretty nifty deal.


SEO Company: Yeah, you’ll probably be paying more here; but on the other hand, well, you pick carefully, and your heavier bill might well be paying not just for some text to splash across your site, but for an entire business solution.

Pick the right SEO Company, and you might be offered services that not only bring your brand’s online presence to life, but pump it full of caffeine. Frequently, SEO Companies offer everything from the management of blogs and social media profiles to the marketing and promotion of the business and the sending of newsletters and promotional emails.

Basically, they’ll be your digital secretary. The extra pay does sound a little more worth it now, eh?

As is usually the case, we really can’t tell you which is absolutely right for you – you need to decide that, because we can’t possibly know the needs of your business the way you do. Consider the nature of your brand your target market, your identity, the market overall – try Google Analytics, it’s highly handy at such times.

What an EFFICIENT content writing company can do for your business

Really, though, while we’re not going to underplay the effectiveness of a well-constructed blog in getting your brand a solid online foothold, the truth remains that, really, it’s all for nothing if you don’t get yourself noticed. Your brand’s online presence, ultimately, is another form of advertising – something which, you hope, will turn visitors into customers. And even the most original, artfully crafted advertisement is hardly going to do much good if it’s plastered on the flaking wall of some narrow sidestreet nobody’s brave enough to drive down, so to speak.

In short: in managing your brand’s online presence, you must ensure, above all else, that it’s noticed.

And – at the risk of sounding like we’re overselling it – that’s what makes proper use of search engine optimisation so critical.

And that’s why – we really can’t say this too much – a good SEO company is so immeasurably valuable to your business. A company that generates good content is one thing. A company that generates good content that’s crafted to get SEEN, to spread the word of your brand, to multiply that infinitely valuable asset known as “site views” – that’s the sort of thing that serves as the central lifeline of an up and coming business like yours.

Don’t just take our word for it. Look it up. Dig enough, and you’ll find that more or less any flourishing modern business has an SEO company managing and maintaining their online presence and producing their content. Odds are it’ll be the reason your research turned them up in the first place (after all, what is the modern definition of “research” if not “using a search engine”?)

TL;DR: get someone to manage your brand’s site. Preferably an SEO company. They’ll get you seen. And as we surely don’t need to tell you, the lifeblood of the modern business being seen.


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