Tips to Assist You in Getting Long-Term Traffic to Your Content

Clients • 30th Jun, 15


After so much time is spent researching a certain topic and then writing up your articles and choosing the perfect pictures, it’s exciting to see how bursts of traffic make their way towards your site.  This is all great and dandy until you start seeing the popularity wearing off and - let’s be honest - there’s nothing worse than that, right?  The good news is that there are a few ways which you could improve the amount of time that your content is in the lime light, and here’s how:

Make Use of Evergreen Topics

This is content which will stand the test of time, either covering something which will be just as applicable five years from now or could also be easily updated while remaining relevant.  To start off with this you can analyse the topics which you have already made use of and published in order to see how well they will continue to bring in traffic.  Having a look at your website’s analytics will help you with this.  By investigating the last thirty days of traffic, take special care in identifying which pieces of content which have not been published recently are still driving a significant amount of traffic – these, ladies and gentleman, are evergreen posts.  You now have some inspiration for many posts to come!

For those of you who do not have any evergreen content just yet – there’s no need to worry.  There are a few other ways for you to find inspiration too.  Making use of Google Trends, you can enter certain keywords or phrases which relate to your business and make use of this as ideas to base your content on.  Search volume can also be researched using Google AdWords Keyword Planner which will give you phrases and keywords to add in. 


Combine Mixed Media and Optimize

To make sure that your content continues to drive traffic for as long as possible, you’ll want to make sure that there are elements included which make people want to share it.  Make sure that there are sharing buttons added into your content which are clearly visible and will allow for users to share with only a few clicks. 

Have Your Outreach Strategy Ready

Social media, Q&A marketing, and search aren’t the only way to ensure that your content will go the distance.  Outreach makes it possible for you to not have to send out any requests with the hopes that there will be someone out there who will like your content.  This allows you to reach out to those who you know will take a liking towards what you have to offer.  There are various ways for you to research any top outreach recipients there may be before you go ahead and publish your content.  This way you can make sure that everything will go according to plan without any bumps along the way.

When to Publish and When to Promote

There’s one thing which is very important when it comes to the initial promotional period: timing.  With there being so many studies that will tell you when the best time for you to post and promote your content is, you need to take the initiative and figure out what will work best for your business and brand.  Have a look at your analytics to figure out what the best day to post your blog content would be.  Thanks to Facebook Page Insights you can even find out what the best time is to share your post there, based on when your fans and followers are online.

Go Big Or…Don’t Post

The most important day of promotion would be when your content goes live.  Use the first couple of days after this to engage with your readers and influencers.  If you’re not getting the results which you expected, you might even choose to invest in social advertising.  This will promote your posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to the correct audience.  The more engagement evident on the content, the more likely others are to share it too.

Redo, Repurpose, Reshare, Reintroduce

After the initial promotion has ended, it’s time to move on.  By implementing the tactics mentioned above, the content which you have produced will continue to live on across multiple platforms on the web.  If you’ve initially used slides, you can turn it into a slideshow or movie which can be uploaded onto YouTube.  There are an endless amount of possibilities when it comes down to what can be done with your original content.


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