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With a history over three decades long and a brand prevalence that stretches across Southern and Eastern Africa, Prominent Paints is one of South Africa’s leading architectural brands.

And if you visit our site, you’ll soon learn that we’re far more than just a paint brand; we’re a company that delves deeply into the beauties and the nuances of the exciting world of architecture and decoration, offering a vast variety of products aimed at assisting any and all of our customers’ endeavours.

Our site offers full perusal of the diverse range of architectural paints and coatings we offer for any architectural purpose  – from waterproofing to wood coating – all manufactured by a host of leading brands, including Primalex, Neutron and Sherwood, and sorted in our catalogue by type and purpose, along with a full description. In addition, our site offers a full, easy-to-browse colour palette, as well as a variety of interactive elements; a paint calculator, a virtual painter, and a variety of “paint solution” animations help any customer, from newcomer to connoisseur, finalise their decision as to precisely which type and shade of paint is best suited to their particular task. Because at Prominent Paints, we may offer products serving the needs of customers from every corner of society – from homeowners to retailers, from the agricultural industry to the engineering industry – but we never let ourselves forget that, regardless of who our customers may be, or what their architectural task may be, the choices one makes in terms of architecture and decoration are profoundly individualistic choices – choices that tap into one’s personal sense of aesthetics; into the individual’s unique vision of the ideal environment. And we’ve long since learned that no two such visions are ever the same.

Visit us. Browse. Take your time. And don’t stop until our site’s helped you put together that blend of paints and coatings that best suit you, and you alone.

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