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Perhaps one of the most beautiful things about the culinary arts is its universality – food is an essential element of living, and there’s not a culture or a class out there, after all, who doesn’t understand the beauty of a lovingly prepared meal.

At NOMU, we’re far, far more than just a food brand; we’re a celebration of culinary beauty – beauty which we aim to bring into the kitchens of ordinary South Africans. We offer a broad variety of culinary items inspired by recipes from around the world, from spices, to oils, to rubs, to full baking kits, as well as a full range of recipes. And thanks to our site’s neat and user-friendly interface, all of this, along with our shop, our blog, and our contact details, can be accessed easily and efficiently. After all, nothing should hold you back when you’re in the pursuit of something as deeply personal as culinary beauty – least of all something as inconsequential as a poorly designed website.

NOMU is not just a food and lifestyle brand, it is a unique expression of passion for highest quality flavour and experience.

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