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Clothing is so many things. It’s a tool of survival, an artistic canvas, a benchmark of history and culture, and a celebrated means of personal expression.

Admittedly, that might not be the sort of thing we really have time to fully contemplate when we’re pulling our trousers on every morning; but there’s no getting around the fact that, regardless of who you are, or where you are, there’s a pretty decent chance that clothes are something that are pretty important in your everyday life.

That’s the sort of person we’re looking to serve over at the EXACT clothing website: the person for whom clothes are important in the ordinary way. Our catalogue offers clothing for men and women, adults and children alike, in a vibrant, reasonably-priced, easy-to-browse variety.

At EXACT clothing, we understand that clothes, for the ordinary person, ought to be affordable, accessible, practical, and enjoyable. We’ve done our best to make sure our line – and our site – makes this a reality for our customers.


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