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There are so many reasons for a financial services to keep doing what all their competitors do – to remain with what’s tried and tested and safe, not take the risks of wandering off the beaten path, and keep the empowerment of their clients to a minimum. After all, it’s what’s commonly done.

We’re aware of all that over at Beta Wealth; we just choose to ignore it. The standard financial service approaches are irrelevant to us; our priority is empowering you, as a customer. Less conventional approaches are risky, but they’re the sort of things that make history.

There’s no getting around it: investment, for all our efforts to make it more accessible, has never been easy. Deciding the best course of action for your long-term saving can be a life-altering decision that many aren’t fully equipped to make on their own. And finding a more experienced individual genuinely interested in assisting you in a manner that’ll prioritise the long-term safety and reliability of your investment over their own immediate profit... well, such people have always been rare.

That’s why, over at Beta Wealth, we’re starting off our endeavour to alter the financial services industry for the better by dedicating ourselves to empowering our clients, advising them on the multifaceted angles and nuances of the world of investment, and helping them on their way to laying out a comprehensive financial plan, structured for the sake of securing the sort of long-term financial stability that any responsible earner seeks out.

Pay a visit to our website, and we’ll offer you a tour of our variety of services, from estate planning to investment management. At Beta Wealth, we’re fully equipped – and completely delighted – to advise our clients on every financial matter from medical aid and estate trusts to tax-free savings accounts and low-cost solutions. Your journey alongside us toward long-lasting stability is, as they say, one click away.

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