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Farming is far more than simply one of our country’s leading industries; it’s something that we rely on every day, and that defines the very nature of our modern lives.

Over at Agri-Intel, we know how important it is that this vital aspect of modern society its economic foundations is kept well-maintained and properly managed; and we’re dedicated to doing our part.

In modern agriculture, agrochemicals have long since been established as one of the most important elements in maintaining the efficiency and safety of modern crop production. And over at our site, registered members are offered direct access to a full host of up-to-date information regarding agrochemicals, including label information, residue management, and viable, verified plans for the use of agrochemicals on a broad variety of crops. And all the information – produced in close alliance with a host of high-ranking organisations within the South African agricultural industry – is provided in a database that, thanks to our neatly crafted site, is easily accessible and fully searchable.

Visit our site. Peruse the information we offer. And in doing so, take a moment to reflect how, regardless of who you might be, you are dependent upon the continued stability of the agricultural industry.

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