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In South Africa alone, there’s a case of identity theft every twenty seconds. The growth of online business and digital transactions, for all the efficiency it has inspired, has turned the most ordinary of business transactions into a risky affair; for all their assurances, you really can’t be absolutely certain that your new auto insurance representative isn’t going to disappear off the face of the earth with your payment details the day after you’ve signed off on a deal.

Over at, our central goal is to make everyday business just a little bit less of a gamble. We aim to allow the ordinary customer – any customer, as long as they’ve got a smartphone and online access – the ability to check and verify the identity of a seller, simply via use of our app and of the seller’s cellular and ID number.

As a customer, you deserve to close a business deal without fear that you’ve just handed over control of your identity and assets to a stranger. At, we’re looking to make that a little easier.

And should you, as a seller, wish to demonstrate your integrity as a business owner, you need only put forth your identification details – which are securely stored away – to set up your verification profile; at which point, you have full control over which details are shared on your profile, and with who. Via this simple step, you demonstrate to customers your interest in proving your integrity and trustworthiness as a business – and, in doing so, open yourself up to potential business with the market’s more experienced, cautious individuals.

At, we understand how difficult it can be to establish trust in the environment of modern business. We hope we can do our part to help make it easier – for buyer and seller alike.

"Safely securing your online identity, with one easy-to-use web service."

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